4 Must-Dine At Restaurants in SeaTac

When you’re at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SeaTac), you likely have time to kill. Waiting for a flight can get boring, and time often feels like it’s standing still. A great way to pass the time is by grabbing a bite to eat, and this airport has plenty of great options. Here are four must-dine restaurants in SeaTac.

Anthony’s Restaurant and Fish Bar

Seattle’s a waterfront city with amazing seafood opportunities. When you want a bigger meal, visit the Central Terminal. The seafood at Anthony’s Restaurant and Fish Bar is delicious peasant food fished out of Puget Sound. Thanks to the local sourcing, all the ingredients are fresh. Anthony’s is a local chain primarily based in Washington, and the SeaTac property provides some of the fastest service.

Dish D’Lish

One of the challenging parts of air travel is eating the right amount. You want enough food in your stomach so that you’re not hungry on an unbearably long flight. Many airline carriers have eliminated meals on domestic flights, even for first class passengers. Airplane snacks are often mediocre in quality, too. When you fly, you can’t get a big meal or a decent snack.

Dish D’Lish is the sort of forward-thinking eatery that solves the problem. It’s a sandwich-focused restaurant with remarkably tasty food. Celebrity chef Kathy Casey founded the SeaTac property in 2005, and it relocated to Concourse C in 2017 due to the popularity of Dish D’Lish. When you want something that’s more than a snack but light for a meal, this is the ideal choice at SeaTac. It’s the people’s choice.

Wolfgang Puck Gourmet Express

While Casey is famous in cooking circles, Wolfgang Puck isn’t merely a chef. His name is a brand. SeaTac’s C Gate area has one of Puck’s beloved fast-casual airport franchises. Wolfgang Puck Gourmet Express has locations in approximately 20 North American airports, and they all do well due to the cleverness of the concept. At this restaurant, you’ll eat gourmet food at budget prices. You can even order from a kiosk when you need to grab your food and go.

Seattle Seahawks 12 Club

The 12th man is an amazing phenomenon at CenturyLink Field. Seahawks fans are so boisterous that they broke the Guinness World Record for stadium noise in 2013. Their passion for the local football team is almost incomprehensible, and their support extends to the airport. If you’re traveling for a game, you can book a great hotel near SeaTac and then visit the Seahawk fans’ preferred airport eatery.

At Seattle Seahawks 12 Club, you can enjoy a meal while catching the game. It’s one of the most popular sports bars in the city and the best place to hang out when you’re bored at N Gate. As for the food options, it’s the usual bar food, only elevated. Accomplished chefs craft the recipes here, and the results show in every bite.

No matter how much time you need to kill at the airport, a good meal is always the right call. Any of these four restaurants will provide tasty food at a reasonable price.