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6 California Beaches You Don’t Want to Miss

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California is known for its ideal year-round weather and gorgeous beaches. With over 3,000 miles of shoreline, it is tough to decide which beaches are worth a visit. Everyone knows about places like Santa Monica and Venice Beach, but where should you go for a one-of-kind experience? Check out these six beaches for a distinct and most memorable time at the shore.

Pfeiffer Beach

Found read more

People of Earth will greet you next time you visit San Diego International Airport

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In this July, when you land at the San Diego International Airport, you would be greeted by “The people of the Earth”! The international airport of San Diego is completely wrapped with the People of the Earth TBS series.

The entire airport has been magnificently covered with The People of the Earth wraps, which are enhancing the overall looks of the airport. These read more

Why You Need To Try ‘Forest Bathing,’ Japan’s Stress-Zapping Pastime

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The first time you hear the term, you might assume “forest bathing” means splashing in a spring among some redwoods.

That sounds enjoyable, but it’s not correct: Forest bathing, or “shinrin-yoku in Japanese, basically consists of hanging out in the woods and reaping its health benefits (it translates to “taking in the forest atmosphere”). Any time you can walk among read more

8 Things You Shouldn’t Say If Someone You Love Has Depression

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When your partner is dealing with depression, you want to be as supportive and loving as possible. But it’s hard to know what to say or how to help, especially if you’ve never experienced depression firsthand.

Starting a conversation with your significant other is critical, but sometimes offering the wrong words ― while well-intentioned ― can do more harm than good. We asked experts to tell read more

Scaramucci: Trump Isn’t ‘Elite’ Because He Eats Pizza. These Photos Say Otherwise.

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Anthony Scaramucci, who’s currently in a little bit of trouble for going on a crass, unhinged rant against top White House aides, wants the people to know that President Donald Trump is not elite.

In an interview with BBC reporter Emily Maitlis on Wednesday, Maitlis asked the new White House communications director, “What part of Donald Trump is not elite? The business side, or the politics side, read more

Just A Small Amount Of Exercise Can Improve Body Image

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Work out then strut out.

Need a little confidence boost? Grab your sneakers.

A small study published this month in the journal Psychology of Sport and Exercise found that just 30 minutes of exercise can have a positive affect on a woman’s body image. Women felt both slimmer and stronger immediately after they finished their workout and the feeling lasted for at least 20 minutes post-workout.

Researchers gathered 75 college-aged read more