Discover What Lies Beneath Indianapolis on your Next Vacation

When you think of a vacation destination, do you think of Indianapolis? If you don’t, you will after discovering what lies beneath the city. Indianapolis is rich with history. It has many landmarks, museums, and underground attractions that visitors enjoy, and the Indy world is diverse enough to satisfy any traveler.

Indianapolis has an intriguing history featuring some fascinating mysteries and myths. Jeremiah Sullivan named the city, which was founded in 1821. The city is known as the amateur sports and racing capital of the world. It’s the home of the notorious John Dillinger’s gravesite, and the Indiana Landmarks Center proactively works to preserve the landmarks tourists enjoy. The are many underground attractions in the city ideal for those who enjoy exploring history and uncovering secrets. Below are some of the best sites to add to your Indy itinerary.

Indiana Landmarks Center

The Indiana Landmarks Center is where visitors connect with history, and it’s one of the city’s hidden gems. The center’s mission is to preserve the city’s historical landmarks through conservation and awareness programs. The center’s passion compels visitors to include Indiana landmarks in their vacation activities.

The Indiana Landmarks Center makes it possible for you to visit historical sites like the Huddleston Farmhouse and get a glimpse of life in the 1840s. The center also offers events and guided tours like the Market Street catacombs tour and rents out historical venues for family reunions and other gatherings.

Market Street Catacombs

Learn why the Market Street Catacombs are important to Tomlinson Hall and feel as if you are traveling back through time as you tour the unfinished terrain. Learn what happened to Tomlinson Hall and the role it played in historical events. Leave your Sunday best, the baby, and grandma at the hotel for this tour. Its rough terrain is not suitable for wheels or walking canes. Bring your closed-toed shoes along, and your toes will thank you.

John Dillinger’s Grave

Nothing arouses the sense of mystery like visiting a historical figure’s grave. John Dillinger lived about as long as Jesus, but his story is not the same. While some think that modern-day news outlets give too much exposure to crime, you may want to find out why his grave is protected. Be sure to leave your valuables at the hotel in case John’s ghost gets restless and wants to revisit his past criminal activities.

Pogue’s Run

Pogue’s Run is one of the settings in Ben Winter’s fictional best-selling book, “Underground Airlines.” This two-and-a-half mile underground creek is sure to raise the hair on the back of your neck as you discover some of the mysteries this attraction holds. Learn how the creek got its name and how it sabotaged city planning. This dark, mysterious creek holds as much mystique and excitement as the tales in Winter’s book.

Become an Indianapolis insider and learn its mysteries, myths, and history. Discover why Indianapolis attracts over 2 million visitors each year. The history, landmarks, interactive tours, accommodations, and activities are sure to satisfy your appetite for adventure. Start planning your Indy trip today!